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I just cleaned out my new computer for the first time. Been afraid to open it up, but as it usually starts, I couldn't sleep. So I did. This case is amazingly easy to take apart. Side and even front come off (and more often difficult) go back on easily. The design is interesting, though I think it is how more computers work than I realized - rather than having an internal fan right on the CPU, there is just one in the front, then that "big green plastic thing" i always hated in the dell forces the air right onto the heatsink. Only the Gateway one comes off with no trouble at all, it's not even attached. So I could clean inside it and all over. The case, cause it is small, is pretty crowded, and I don't look forward to having to take the video card out. But being able to take off the front cover (which is nearly impossible in the AW dragon case with hooks on both sides, one of which is behind all the drive bays) made it easy to get most all the dust out of everything.

In less praise-gateway news, their keyboard is crap. I switched to it from my Dell keyboard of 3 computer lifetimes and 5+ years, what with its fancy new armrest and curvy spacebar. But after a month, the keys aren't very responsive. '5' especially. It'll work every time, but only if I push it hard enough - and I rarely do. So it's back to the Dell keyboard - everything has to be pushed hard, and it's so loud, but I expect it on this one so I don't hit it too softly, like I tend to do on the new one. Though I'm having trouble getting used to the size and place of the keys, just as I did when I changed the other way - mistyping a lot. Which led me to - I particularly like the Croatian line.
Funny about Dell. Their computers, crap, but their peripherals are impeccible - been using this and their monitor for years longer than the machine itself lasted. (Though, for longest remaining accessory, that's the mousepad, from I think my very first laptop about 10 years ago - though maybe it was the 2nd one).

I also have another entry I wrote in class a couple weeks ago, but never remember to post. So I will sometime.
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