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I am depressed, bored, and lonely today. So I've been working on my CDs. Making playlists out of the existing ones, so I can know what is on them at the computer without having to check each one. I am also bothered by how much repitition between them there were in the older ones, but don't really know that there's anything I can do about it - cept for one set, which took two discs originally, but now half the stuff on them is duplicated on its on CD, so I merged the other stuff into one list and just made a new CD of it to replace the other two. First CDs I've ever made that are being retired. I can't believe they've lasted this many years without a problem. Well, almost not first, I remade another one the other day that my first copy had really low quality music, but the new one doesn't work right in my portable player, for some reason, so dunno what to do about that.

Now I still have to make lists of 8 and 9, cause those weren't ever typed out like the earlier ones, and 1 is unfinished too, and then I may make 11 - I think I have enough for a new one, if I look. Of course it will then have dupes of 6, 8, and 10, but that's life. I can't decide whether to remake 10 and 10b, they're very badly put together, and are already duplicating each other and other things. Anyway, after I make 11, I am going to go lie in bed and listen to it. 11 is my "I can't believe I got this many songs stuck in my head" CD. Cause seriously...

Anata ni Aitakute (Millenium Dance ver)
White Destiny (this damn song, how has it ended up on 3 cds in a row, why must I keep getting better versions of it...)
My Heart Iidasenai Your Heart Tashikametai
Open Your Mind
Denwa Shite Iwa chan

No one should be able to have that many songs stuck in their head at once. (Give you 1 guess as to what shows I've been watching all month >_>)
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