Goldom (goldom) wrote,

Now, a miracle is about to occur on this planet

"In grocery stores, they only have perfect cucumbers and radishes, and vegetables that are all the same size. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier to transport?"
"They throw away the unsold box lunches from convenience stores. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier to manage?"
"A child is doing his best to button his shirt by himself, but the parent scholds him and tells him to hurry up. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier for the parent."
"In addition to textbooks, many reference books are available. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier to find the answers."
"Even if there is a student who can't keep up with the class, the teacher has to teach according to a set curriculum. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier on the teacher."
"Even though every customer at a store is different, the staff deals with everyone according to the manual. Why is that?"
"Uh, it's clear what has to be done and so it's easier."
"A student chooses not to think for herself, but always asks the teacher for the answers. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier for the student."
"When you can meet and speak directly, you still choose to use your cell phone."
"Because it's easier to do than meet."
"The people of this world accept anything the media says. Why is that?"
"That's because it's easier than checking things by yourself."
"Most schools bring together kids of the same age, and teach the same curriculum. Why is that?"
"It's easier on the teacher that way."

"You answer all the questions I ask with the same response. Why is that?"
"It's easier to answer them that way..."

-Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna

So, I've been using all this time alone to catch up in one month in all the anime I haven't been watching for the last couple years. Let's see about how much it's been so far... 84+100+210+286+220+88+112+270+88=1458... that's about 24.3 hours in two weeks, almost all of it new to me. Then another uh.. 21.3 hours of a certain show I dare not watch with "someone" around :) (though that's at least generally while I'm eating dinner, so.)
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