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12:55am 21/09/2007

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03:07am 23/02/2007
  I just cleaned out my new computer for the first time. Been afraid to open it up, but as it usually starts, I couldn't sleep. So I did. This case is amazingly easy to take apart. Side and even front come off (and more often difficult) go back on easily. The design is interesting, though I think it is how more computers work than I realized - rather than having an internal fan right on the CPU, there is just one in the front, then that "big green plastic thing" i always hated in the dell forces the air right onto the heatsink. Only the Gateway one comes off with no trouble at all, it's not even attached. So I could clean inside it and all over. The case, cause it is small, is pretty crowded, and I don't look forward to having to take the video card out. But being able to take off the front cover (which is nearly impossible in the AW dragon case with hooks on both sides, one of which is behind all the drive bays) made it easy to get most all the dust out of everything.

In less praise-gateway news, their keyboard is crap. I switched to it from my Dell keyboard of 3 computer lifetimes and 5+ years, what with its fancy new armrest and curvy spacebar. But after a month, the keys aren't very responsive. '5' especially. It'll work every time, but only if I push it hard enough - and I rarely do. So it's back to the Dell keyboard - everything has to be pushed hard, and it's so loud, but I expect it on this one so I don't hit it too softly, like I tend to do on the new one. Though I'm having trouble getting used to the size and place of the keys, just as I did when I changed the other way - mistyping a lot. Which led me to
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_quick_brown_fox - I particularly like the Croatian line.
Funny about Dell. Their computers, crap, but their peripherals are impeccible - been using this and their monitor for years longer than the machine itself lasted. (Though, for longest remaining accessory, that's the mousepad, from I think my very first laptop about 10 years ago - though maybe it was the 2nd one).

I also have another entry I wrote in class a couple weeks ago, but never remember to post. So I will sometime.

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9 years later...   
02:18am 12/12/2006
  ...I *beat* FF7! Making it the 1st FF I've ever actually completed, and about only the 3rd RPG at all. (Mario RPG, Legend of Dragoon.. I think that's it? Oh, Xenosaga I, but does that really count when I never made it through II...) Only way I was able to actually do it was to miss some stuff early on so I couldn't ever try to perfect everything - so impossible in any FF without ~100 hours that it's why I've never beat one before. But now I have.  

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11:53pm 29/10/2006

The Five Love Languages

My primary love languages are probably
Quality Time and Words of Affirmation.

Complete set of results

Quality Time: 8
Words of Affirmation: 8
Physical Touch: 7
Acts of Service: 5
Receiving Gifts: 2


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

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11:28pm 06/09/2006
  My (out of date) interests list in picture form:
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03:44pm 20/08/2006
  1. Put this in your journal: <*font color="yourusername"><*b>yourusername<*/b><*/font>
2. Remove the asterisks.
3. Replace yourusername with your user name.
4. See what color you are.


Black it seems.

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11:26am 24/06/2006
  I am depressed, bored, and lonely today. So I've been working on my CDs. Making playlists out of the existing ones, so I can know what is on them at the computer without having to check each one. I am also bothered by how much repitition between them there were in the older ones, but don't really know that there's anything I can do about it - cept for one set, which took two discs originally, but now half the stuff on them is duplicated on its on CD, so I merged the other stuff into one list and just made a new CD of it to replace the other two. First CDs I've ever made that are being retired. I can't believe they've lasted this many years without a problem. Well, almost not first, I remade another one the other day that my first copy had really low quality music, but the new one doesn't work right in my portable player, for some reason, so dunno what to do about that.

Now I still have to make lists of 8 and 9, cause those weren't ever typed out like the earlier ones, and 1 is unfinished too, and then I may make 11 - I think I have enough for a new one, if I look. Of course it will then have dupes of 6, 8, and 10, but that's life. I can't decide whether to remake 10 and 10b, they're very badly put together, and are already duplicating each other and other things. Anyway, after I make 11, I am going to go lie in bed and listen to it. 11 is my "I can't believe I got this many songs stuck in my head" CD. Cause seriously...

Anata ni Aitakute (Millenium Dance ver)
White Destiny (this damn song, how has it ended up on 3 cds in a row, why must I keep getting better versions of it...)
My Heart Iidasenai Your Heart Tashikametai
Open Your Mind
Denwa Shite Iwa chan

No one should be able to have that many songs stuck in their head at once. (Give you 1 guess as to what shows I've been watching all month >_>)

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07:59am 24/06/2006
mood: angry
I am very upset today, because now Alienware says they have to replace my video card too. And of course they don't have any in stock - they never do, and reading other people's problems, it seems to take 2 months for them to get one, almost every time. Moreover, there was -nothing- wrong with my video card when I sent it in, which means they must have broken it themselves (not that I can really blame them, they're put together like crap, fall apart at the slightest touch), and are just going to not mention that. So I have no idea when I'm going to get to go home, waiting around here all summer for this stupid delivery.

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02:52pm 23/06/2006
  I finished my game. Typical 90s RPG ending (though its from 01), nothing exciting happens, and there's no saving after the end, just reboot to title screen. So glad that trend is going away in newer games, though at least this one came out after the fall of random battles. Short game, too, finished in about 19 hours. Though I was using a guide all the way through, which I don't normally, but it was fun to read. Didn't do a whole lot, it was just an easy game. I hope the CD comes soon, music was the best part.  

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Talking is fun!   
09:40am 21/06/2006

though for some reason, it runs way too slow in IE.

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09:54am 17/06/2006
You scored as You have the Gift of Empathy. You have been blessed with the gift of Empathy. Even though it is a heavy burden to carry the pain of others, know this that you can help them. Though I must advise you to learn how to not take their pain upon yourself and drag you down


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Now, a miracle is about to occur on this planet   
02:40am 14/06/2006
  "In grocery stores, they only have perfect cucumbers and radishes, and vegetables that are all the same size. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier to transport?"
"They throw away the unsold box lunches from convenience stores. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier to manage?"
"A child is doing his best to button his shirt by himself, but the parent scholds him and tells him to hurry up. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier for the parent."
"In addition to textbooks, many reference books are available. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier to find the answers."
"Even if there is a student who can't keep up with the class, the teacher has to teach according to a set curriculum. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier on the teacher."
"Even though every customer at a store is different, the staff deals with everyone according to the manual. Why is that?"
"Uh, it's clear what has to be done and so it's easier."
"A student chooses not to think for herself, but always asks the teacher for the answers. Why is that?"
"Because it's easier for the student."
"When you can meet and speak directly, you still choose to use your cell phone."
"Because it's easier to do than meet."
"The people of this world accept anything the media says. Why is that?"
"That's because it's easier than checking things by yourself."
"Most schools bring together kids of the same age, and teach the same curriculum. Why is that?"
"It's easier on the teacher that way."

"You answer all the questions I ask with the same response. Why is that?"
"It's easier to answer them that way..."

-Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna

So, I've been using all this time alone to catch up in one month in all the anime I haven't been watching for the last couple years. Let's see about how much it's been so far... 84+100+210+286+220+88+112+270+88=1458... that's about 24.3 hours in two weeks, almost all of it new to me. Then another uh.. 21.3 hours of a certain show I dare not watch with "someone" around :) (though that's at least generally while I'm eating dinner, so.)

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12:05am 13/06/2006
  Only thing worse than a song stuck in your head is about 6 different ones all trying to be the one the most stuck at the same time..

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Cause all the cool kids are doing it...   
11:16am 06/06/2006
  Well, maybe not for their livejournals, but I'm just awesome like that =P.
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09:13am 05/06/2006
  I don't usually like stupid things like this, but this one had me laughing uncontrollably. Brought me back... and the voices are eerily accurate too..


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05:15am 05/06/2006
  I don't know how some people manage to survive. Take for example this question that came up on the help desk at wikipedia (help desk being for help with the site, as opposed to the reference desk)

send me about this

please send me all history of this. And how to iuse it . and how to make i an user id for any web sit . please send me quickly. and also send me the working of this and how to use i this web for my personal purposes.........

of course, someone else asked where to find a dentist. someone suggested the yellow pages.

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02:44am 19/05/2006
my pet!

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Random thoughts in the bathroom   
01:07pm 20/03/2006
  (continuing from other ideas)"...no, Japan is just as technologically advanced, after us. Not after us, they're ahead of us. I wonder why that is. Probably cause they haven't been able to be building weapons the last 50 years. We've made the largest bombs on Earth, and they've got dating sims and cars that park themselves. Maybe we did them a favor dissolving their army."  

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12:04am 15/02/2006
  You can watch my progress!

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03:23pm 14/01/2006
  Guess what still exists? Moongate! Well, MM. Looks like it's still the same as it was years ago (ever since it went to 4.0 anyway). My people don't seem to exist anymore though, but that just means I get to start over and 'k farm' some more. yay.  

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